tours jetés

The phone rang at 4:30 or so, but it went immediately to voice mail for some reason. Later, when Matt was visiting, I came into the office to do a little work. I found a phone message from Karen, Dr. Butler’s nurse, telling me that of 20 nodes removed, only one was positive.

I was ecstatic. I’d gone at 8:00 am for my surgical follow-up, but my lab report from the surgery hadn’t yet arrived. Dr. Butler said I was doing remarkably well — was surprised to see me smiling and able to lift and move my arm around, actually too much :-). I’m now taking it more easy as he wants the draining to slow down and thinks my activity level might be keeping it flowing. Once it decreases to 30 mL for two days in a row, they will remove the drain pipe LOL.

Amazingly, though he says they cut a lot, my breast is not smaller or lopsided or anything very different. In fact, maybe because it was bigger than the right, now it looks the same as the right. My incisions do not seem to be as long as I’d have imagined they’d be to permit the kind of cutting away that they did.

The most incredible part of all of this is that Dr. Butler found the node that happened to be positive even though it was not one of the sentinel nodes that lit up from the dye. He just happened to be browsing around and didn’t like the way it felt. I’m thrilled to have had him for my surgeon and not someone who might have just closed me up after determining the sentinel nodes were negative.

I’m so excited about this I don’t even want to go to sleep. I called Angie to share the good news; tomorrow I’ll make a few other calls and write some letters.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the radiation oncologist, Dr. Ramsinghani. I’m glad she’ll have the lab report. Next week I’ll see Dr. Mehta, the chemo doc — hematology oncologist, and finally, I’ll see Dr. Butler, probably the last time, on the 28th. I hope the others on this team are as good as he in their areas.

I feel like tours jetés . . .

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