taking it easy

It felt good yesterday to get home and then just relax. I really didn’t do much reading about cancer. I didn’t even review my lab report completely. I just surfed and did a little work and then actually took a nap for about an hour. Marvin was exhausted and slept even more. I think he doesn’t really express his feelings, though he says he does, and some of what’s going on is still inside him and making him more tired than usual. Other than that, he seems fine. We are talking regularly about everything, and he is really sensitive to me.

I’m trying not to do much with that arm so the draining will stop and they can take out the tube. Of course, I don’t want it to come out before the draining stops, necessitating needle biopsy if it starts draining inside my body. Yuck.

The load of bricks under the arm seems to be decreasing. Now it feels more like a few bricks. The pain is general to the armpit area and arm. My breast incision only occasionally hurts briefly. I’m taking ibuprofen 2×200 mg every six hours or so.

Angie and Doug are due today. Can’t wait.

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