skipping through a fun weekend

I’ve been so busy the last few weeks it’s been a challenge to squeeze time into writing. Angie and Doug came to visit and that was wonderful. We had the best time. I was so happy to see my sister with someone who’s good to her; Doug is very nice, good looking, obviously caring, and easy going. What good traits to match. The only thing that I know may bother my sister is his tight hand with money, a bit obvious when they had meals and negotiated the split between them (he never seemed to pick it up for her). Other than that, they really seem to get along well. This makes me very happy.

I started back to work on 7/26. I was shaky and weak through the day and then worked a bit too long, so by the time I left I was exhausted. However, every day after that, through Thursday, I worked 5 to 7 hours and felt fine. I had so many piles on my desk it took me until this week to see through to my desk underneath it all.

When Angie and Doug came, we went for snacks in Belmont Shore’s La Palapa on the water, then they went back to the room to settle and rest up; they stayed at the Beach House Hotel on the water just a couple blocks from us, walking distance. Saturday we went to breakfast at Two Umbrellas, and then they went to Shoreline and Queen Mary, and we went home so we could later join them down there for dinner at Tequila Jacks where we stayed till midnight. We had a great time, decent Mexican food, a pot of margaritas (too many for me as I woke up sick in the middle of the night, but it didn’t last), great conversation and just a wonderful time spending together with them.

Sunday we met at Park Pantry for breakfast. I schemed to get Angie and me alone, hehe, needed that sister time — while Marvin found a car event to take Doug so they’d be occupied a few hours. Angie and I drove down PCH to Laguna Beach so she could see the sights and Laguna Beach. We had a great time. Don’t ask what was going on that day, but three cars of guys tried to pick us up. We were laughing so hard. Angie, of course, is blonde now and looks rather glamorous, but my hair is uncut and wild, and I wouldn’t say this is my guy-hunting frame of mind. However, first a red sports car, then a black something on my side — late model large, but couldn’t identify without staring at them, haha — and then a yellow Benz, who would not leave us alone for about two slow miles through Huntington Beach. Hey, ladies, leave the hubbies for the afternoon and we’ll show you a good time . . .

After that Angie and I came home and the guys were out. They eventually called to say they’d walked downtown and did we want to meet them there for dinner. The Olympic swim trials were on that weekend, the last weekend of six weeks, so there were a lot of people around and bands playing in the street on Pine. It was great. We ate at our favorite, King’s Seafood, outside on their patio listening to a funky jazz band playing across the street. Again, we had a great time.

I was teary-eyed when they left. They said they might stop by before flying out on Saturday, but I know with the usual rush of things to do while you’re on a vacation, that’s a hard promise to keep. I am so happy we had the time we did, and that I got to spend time with Angie. I have my little sparkly pink and gold flip flops to remember her trip out here. She’s just terrific.

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