102.3 fever and trip to OR

Yesterday I started out fine though I noticed I couldn’t eat even the little I usually eat. I lay down, listened to music — starting to think about choreographing some stuff and working with breast cancer patients — felt good. Then, I got up and drank a few sips of ginger ale, got nauseated but couldn’t throw up. All the while I notice I’m feeling overall sick and getting hot. Fever is 101.6.

I sat in the living room and kept trying to drink some ginger ale in tiny sips, but I kept gagging and trying to vomit; nothing happening though. Got hotter till my temp went to 102.3. Called the doctor. Dr. Halbur on call called me back. Said with that temp and my being neutropenic, I need to go to the ER in case I have an infection with a low WBC count, a potentially dangerous combination.

So we left around 6:30 and got to UCI where they took me in right away into an isolation room. Jesse was the intern assigned to take my blood and insert the IV, and he had quite a time finding two veins to use. Got the IV into my hand, painfully but successfully. Then tried a site in the muscle below my thumb for the blood work. It didn’t cooperate, so he tried on the inside of my forearm and finally got it. Whew.

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