Leukine fever: fine weekend of fevers and purging

Saturday seemed to be fine though I spent most of it in the little girls’ room. The nausea quit, at least. Fever stayed around 101.4 most of the day. Then a friend called, and we talked till about 9:30 pm. When I got off the phone, I was remarking to Marvin how good I felt when he reminded me to take my temp. Whoa, it was 102.9.

So we spent the next two hours dousing me with cool water and blowing the little portable fan on my head to cool me down. It worked and around 11:30 I was down to 100.3 and able to stay home instead of going back to the ER.

Sunday I kept up with the Tylenol and taking my temp regularly; stayed around 100 to 101.7. I drank water for all I was worth — nearly four of my coolers. Monday I still felt like a noodle with a temp still around 100.3 and intestines still touchy, so I stayed home instead of going to the office as planned.

Tuesday it was finally gone. I don’t want to pick up another stomach virus again during this. That was very uncomfortable and I’m still weaker than I think I should be by now.

Now I have to rev up for a root canal on Tuesday; Monday I start taking an antibiotic. My WBC were high the Monday following my chemo, so they gauged it that Mon/Tue following chemo, along with an antibiotic, would be the best way to do it.

Chemo was Thursday as usual though my neutrophils were a little low — 2.9, or 900 — but I’m fine so far. I always hope Sunday might slide by without the fireworks that seem to come along late in the afternoon. Today I’m sleepy but fine. Worked a few hours on the computer and hope to do some writing, too. Marvin has gone to the gallery and grocery store.


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