chemo 3: vein hunt

I have a new keyboard that is perfect. When we got this Mac in 2002, it came with the third-party keyboard that they sent with it. It was so bad I couldn’t type normally and made so many errors I had to constantly watch what I was typing. Marvin got me the original full keyboard, and it feels great.

So my chemo 3 on Thursday went well. I learned, however, during my usual blood test on Wednesday that if I am not well hydrated, it’s hard for the tech to find a good vein. I’ll be sure not to let that happen again. I guess after the weekend of having that virus and getting dehydrated, my veins were not in the best shape. Thursday they couldn’t get the IV in the usual vein in my hand and had to do it in the vein on the inside of my arm.

Sunday I didn’t get sick as usual. I felt bad but didn’t throw up at all. It started again midafternoon and lasted most of the day into the night. Today was fine, Labor Day, which we spent close to home though we drove to Seal Beach and had ice cream at the place across from the pier. Marvin brought a chair so I could sit in the shade; it was hot, but the ocean breeze and shade were delightful.

We then went to the little place across the street for a little bite, which for me was potato skins with cheese and sour cream. It’s funny that I now have to try to get enough calories because I don’t feel like eating most of the time. It’s also a strange feeling to look at the names of foods that would normally make my mouth water and to feel close to nauseated. So few things appeal to me, and they seem to change daily. Marvin has been good at varying what I eat and giving me very small portions. When I say I’m really hungry, however, he tends to think in terms of my normal appetite, though now “really hungry” is a reflection of only intensity and not desire for volume. He is taking such good care of me. Every day I’m grateful we’re together.

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