Leukine fever: fright night

The last three days were actually pretty fine except for the fever that I seem to run every cycle. Toni said some people get this but it’s not real common. It’s a reaction to the white blood cell dropping and then also to the stimulation of the growth of WBCs by the Leukine, which I inject every cycle 8 days starting the Sunday following chemo. Today was my last day of injections. I think I’m seeing the pattern.

So the last few days, since Thursday, I have been sitting quiet in the evening from about 4:00 pm, taking my temp which around 5:30 suddenly jumps up to 101.something, up to 101.9. I take Tylenol and drink fluids and eat popsicles.

Tonight Matt was here and we were looking at the photos he took in DC. I went in the office to return a call around 5:30 and then moved to the office to continue the conversation. Around 6:30 I realized I’d not taken my temp in a while, so on the phone I took it, and it was 102.9. I told my friend I needed to go. I took Tylenol and went to get a popsicle when Marvin says what’s up — knows something’s wrong. He comes in the bedroom with me and takes it again, and it’s 103.4. He says, OK, let’s go to the hospital.

I argued with him. I did not want to go. I thought the fever would go down as soon as I lay down and put ice on my head. Instead, it kept going up until it was 104.2. Marvin was upset with me. I was beginning to feel silly about refusing to go and a little upset with myself that I hadn’t listened to his better judgment.

He packed ice all over me as I lay in the bed. I was shaking and felt so weird it scared me. I was afraid for him to leave the room; it was terrifying to me. I was dizzy and felt like I was losing consciousness. Marvin kept talking to me and covering me with cold rags and ice. My fever refused to budge.

Then, he made me get in the tub and turned the shower on cold. My skin was so hot it seemed to heat the water as soon as it touched me. We ran out of ice, so I sat in the water that he ran over me for nearly two hours while my fever just hung on. It was nearly midnight when it started to drop, and Marvin got me back into bed. I promised to defer to his better judgment in the future. Yes, I apologized profusely. I know I put him through hell tonight and should have relied on him rather than being stubborn. I don’t know what I would have done had he not been there and done all that he did to get my fever down. He is my hero. He’s asleep now, no doubt exhausted. I have snuck into the office to write before I go back to sleep.

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