Again tonight my thumbs and fingers are numb, preventing me from sleeping. The itching comes and goes, but, of course, it comes at night, too. Why is that? During the day it seems tolerable, but at night it all becomes too distracting to allow sleep. So I’m up to see if I can wear myself out enough to fall asleep while these irritants scatter over my weary body. I was worn out today, probably because of the steady itching and discomfort. I’m not in bad pain, but the numbness in the fingers is really annoying and hurts sometimes. Occasionally, I get a sharp, shooting pain in my fingers or my toes. I have no idea what all of that is about as I don’t recall anything from my chemo or radiation that would cause that kind of side effects. It’s just that with all these things going through your body to kill the bad guys, it’s probably not too strange to have peculiar reactions. I don’t think much about it when these weird things come up, but I will be very happy when it’s all over.

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