first mammogram post treatment

Tuesday I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Mehta. She told me I need to be more diligent about coming in every four months. My blood pressure was a little high, but otherwise, everything was fine. I went for blood testing and will get the results next week. I also scheduled a mammogram for Friday, yesterday. So, no big deal, I went in for my mammogram. When I got there, they said they needed to have my previous mammogram for comparison. While I was in the room waiting, I looked at my PDA and saw that my mammogram that found the cancer was exactly two years ago, May 26, 2004. It freaked me a little, but I was fine. Then the mammogram started. We went through the usual positions, right and then left — two views: horizontal and then diagonal. The tech, as usual, said OK wait, I’ll go make sure these are good. She returned and said the radiologist wanted two more views. She took out this smaller, rectangular part to replace the usual large square that flattens the breast. She did two views that way. I gritted my teeth. I started getting a little freaked. Then, she returned again and said the radiologist wanted yet another film. This time the stop squisher was a smaller, circular piece, about three inches in diameter. She squeezed the muscle and tissue up high on the left breast near the armpit, and then the squisher came down intensely hard it nearly brought me to tears. Finally, that was all. By the time I left, I was teary and had that feeling of the cold fingers of fear gripping my brain.

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