the lion awoke

sleeping lion woke
fierce and cranky–I will dance
to hypnotize him

At Spa St Edna haha, not really: St Edna Subacute and Rehab, Santa Ana, CA 714-554-9700.  Surgery 1/30 UCI. Soon to start radiation: simulation (calibration) first and then start as soon as possible, maybe as soon as 2/18/09, followed by immediate chemo every week for six months for starters.

Got to get strong to start therapy. Everyone here is great. Not much longer since insurance kicks you out of facility as soon as you show any meager progress. I am very weak though by their standards, I’m ready for a marathon :).

We have to move to new place. We found live-work loft. Move next week part with company and part with friends on weekend of 3/1/09 to finish up. Current place can’t accommodate my accoutrements: hospital bed, wheelchair, walker and everything else.

Hope to get back to the office on some schedule as soon as I am recovered enough. I love my job and want to be able to contribute as much as I can under the circumstances. My job offers a sort of sanctuary: both in feeling active and in distracting me from the scary stuff.

Marvin is here at my side taking care of me in the most incredibly amazing way. He is a source of strength and calming for me. Family and friends are the best.

Now back to PT and room for cleanup and lunch.


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