radiation burn and getting a doggie

All of a sudden the radiation has now bloomed on my back. I have the full effect of the sunburn that with the heat of the brace makes me want to scream and to plunge my back into a vat of ice. It was itching before, but now the burning is constant. Now that I have only one more day left for radiation, Monday, that should be encouraging. At least the skin is intact so far though it feels like it could break with every little rub. As I recall, the last time it was similar. It snuck up on me then, too.

Tomorrow we are going to check out a dog that could be my service dog. I’m really excited because he sounds perfect. Our loft should be perfect for him since we have room now for a dog to move around. Of course, Long Beach is great–very doggie friendly–and we can take him out when we go places. I haven’t had a pet for so long I feel like a kid waiting for my first puppy. I won’t say more until we go through more steps and know that it will happen. Don’t want to jinx anything.

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