radiation burn–WARNING yucky photo :)

radiation burn healing

radiation burn, low back to armpit

I’m glad my doctor warned me that the effects of the radiation would get worse before they get better, even after the radiation treatment ended. My back is quite a mess. I’m posting a photo for others who may be going through this so you can see that this is normal. My goal is to keep the skin from tearing, as my doctor recommended. I am keeping the brace off as much as possible and lying on my side instead of my back.

Marvin and I apply aloe vera, and now a light oil-based lotion (Avon), several times a day, and I’m avoiding showering on my back to keep the skin from drying out even more. It’s scabbing and peeling quite a bit and is very, ouch, tender.

2 responses to “radiation burn–WARNING yucky photo :)

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  2. I also had terrible burns under my breast & near my collar bone! When I came home, they put home care in place to come & change my dressings daily for about 2 1/2 weeks.

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