PET scan results

Vacillating between optimism and fear, I was anxiously awaiting today’s appointment. My hemonc reported the news. She said the PET scan showed two more spots of cancer: one is on my fifth rib and the other is at my eleventh and twelfth ribs. That’s three sites including the tumor in the spine.

Good news, bad news? While I might have hoped for no other signs of the lion’s trail, I choose to see the good aspect of the news: I had no mets to other organs, specifically, the lung or liver. The mets, therefore, are all only bone. That’s good. Marvin and I are celebrating the news, and, yeah, just in time for my birthday.

Time for a little dance, 5 6 7 8

One response to “PET scan results

  1. I have had breat cancer then it matas. to the bone in my T5. Recent scan said it was in a rib and that I have two tumors in my leg. So far all is staying in the bone. I too celebrate with the news it is not spreading to organs.

    Glad for you too!!! We celebrate the little victories…. no matter what they are.

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