revving for chemo

Saturday we took a drive down PCH to Laguna Beach and then had dinner at Las Brisas, which is surrounded by a rose garden and walkways and overlooks the ocean. The seafood there is excellent, and it was nice to be able to enjoy a meal. Only the last few days have I been able to appreciate good food. On the advice of my medical team I’m trying to get as much protein as I can, so I’m including seafood now as much as possible instead of following my usual veggie practices.

My hemonc wants me to start chemo in another week or so, after she gets the results of my blood tests and after I get my portacath. That reminds me, oh my, I have to give kudos to Danika who is the master phlebotomist: she stuck me only one time. That is the first time since I had chemo in 2004 that anyone has succeeded in one try. Usually, it’s seven or more and also more than one tech. After I get the portacath they will use that to take blood.

After chemo ended last time I thought my veins would revitalize; I did not realize they were permanently damaged. Every time I go for blood tests or need an IV, it’s a fiasco. When I went for my PET scan, it took them 30 minutes to find a vein that was usable. Same thing with my colonoscopy, which took three techs to get the vein. They were about to give up when someone got lucky.

Last time I got a PICC line after the chemo destroyed most of the veins in my right arm. I don’t know why they choose a port or a PICC line, so I’ll have to read more about that.

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