strawberry shortcake before chemo

Marvin just took me for the best strawberry shortcake ever: a very tender biscuit drenched in strawberries not overly sweetened and topped with extravagantly delicious whipped cream. It was a heavenly way to end this weekend.

What was special this weekend was just being together and being able to enjoy each others’ company. We babysat the dog that we are planning to adopt, and it was fun going to the park and then to Belmont Shore to walk and people watch. More about the dog later, except to say he was fabulous.

I felt really good today. It was the first day that I can even remember feeling any strength. I walked a lot and still came home and climbed right up to our third-floor bedroom. That’s the first time I’ve done that since we’ve been here in our three-story loft.

Marvin made this the best weekend; he has an uncanny knack of knowing what I need. I am so lucky to have him in my life it makes me want to dance . . .

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