nighttime fear and pain

night terrors sneak into my
subconsciousness, disturbing

my peaceful dreaming
waking the pain who gladly
ignites night time fear

my dance must soothe the lion
but tonight he is roaring

he cannot hear me
or the beat of the music
in the darkness i hide

trying to avoid the tears
that bring me more pain, more fear

quietly i search
my strength must be somewhere near

how could i lose it
how can i be brave without
strength to fuel my confidence

facing the lion
requires my every reserve
to put him to sleep

why does the night wake the fear
and stimulate all the pain

all day you steer straight
avoiding the fear and pain
at night they find you

maybe you realize at night
in the solitude of darkness

you are facing it
alone — no one else
can dance him to sleep

you must dance to hypnotize
the noisy, scary lion

you must persevere
and show you do not fear him
your show must go on

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