chemo 2.2.1

Chemo morning turned into chemo day. Normally, I’m there from 9:00 am until around 12:30 or 1:00 pm. Yesterday, we got out closer to 3:00 pm. Every other week we take blood tests to determine if all is good for chemo. All the chemo nurses were so busy, it just took a little more time. Cancer is quite popular. When I go in the morning, the big room with chairs is full, and most of the side rooms are full as well; sometimes I have to wait for a room. Marvin got me a scarf that is gold and purple diamonds. I am wearing it as I write.

Today my face is swollen but not red as it  has been previously from the Decadron. Usually, it dissipates after a couple of days. I also have constipation two or three days after, and then the diarrhea returns for the remainder of time. I guess that all balances out. I just take Murilax for the three days I’m stopped up, including the morning of the day of chemo. For the diarrhea I just pay attention to what I eat and lay off the fiber.

The dizziness I’d been having frequently seems to have diminished. I had no episodes for the last two days. This is a bit of a relief. I’ve also had a change in my blood pressure medicine: none now with only monitoring. Maybe it was BP changes that was causing the dizziness. I just read, happily, that dizziness is a symptom of anemia, which I have. Yesterday, I had a lower count than the last reading, so maybe that’s what’s causing the dizziness. I like that better than the other dreaded possibility.

Recently, the New York Times ran an article on a recent study at the University of Rochester (see my link) showing the effectiveness of ginger as an anti-nausea remedy. With 644 particpants the study showed up to a 45-decrease in symptoms. See the article for details. It sure beats having to take the drugs, which make me really groggy. I have been keeping my Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Snaps handy, and I swear that they really work. Maybe it’s because they contain three forms of pure ginger. It doesn’t hurt that they taste great, too, and are a bit softer in texture than many of the other ginger snaps.

My other symptoms are about the same. The bone pain moves around a lot, it seems, and varies in intensity. For a few nights I had none. I liked it. The lining of my nose, on the other hand, seems to be sloughing. Yuck. I don’t get a real nose bleed, but the lining bleeds, scabs over and then bleeds more when I blow my nose. It makes me self conscious. Fatigue has been really hitting me big time. When I went to the office Thursday, starting at 6:30 am, I was fine and had a great  morning, in fact. By the time I left at nearly 5:00 pm, I was exhausted. After getting a bite to eat I fell asleep around 7:30 and didn’t awake until around 11:00 pm when Marvin said, Wake up, time to go to bed. Friday I woke up tired, too. I’m a bit anemic, and fatigue is a symptom of that. I can feel it in my stamina and in walking up to our third floor.

Otherwise, I am doing well. Got a new cap to keep my bald head warm. I have been wearing my scarves and my cap as I have been abnormally cold lately, and keeping my head covered helps contain the heat. Still don’t do wigs.

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2 responses to “chemo 2.2.1

  1. I can so relate to the red cheeks-decadron, the nose bleeds, the constipation, the fatigue … I bet many can.

    I find our chemo rooms are so full to … cancer is popular.

    All the best,

  2. My red and white blood cell counts complicated life a bit the last few weeks, so I’ve been off the computer after finishing my work day. I’ve been falling asleep as soon as I sit down to relax. Now I’m trying to catch up here. Hope you’re doing well. Look forward to staying in touch. The more positive energy shared among us warriors, the better.


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