digestive rumbles and nosebleeds

Woke up feeling really lousy. Everything inside my tummy wanted out, and my nose is annoying me big time with this bleeding. Yuck.

Yesterday, the fatigue hit me, and I have been freezing constantly–presumably from the anemia. I spent quite a bit of Sunday asleep. Seems like my side effects clobber me a few days after chemo; that’s how it was the first time I did this.

I started work around 7:00 am after calming down the tummy and nose. The queasies kept returning every couple of hours, and just going up and down our stairs was exhausting. I managed, though, to concentrate and even got halfway through the two-hour sexual harassment training module for UC employees.

Buster, our AkitaBuster, our Akita, was especially frisky today, wanting to jump and play like a puppy. At 85 pounds, though, I can’t let him get too excited as he could easily knock me down. Here’s a photo with us a couple of weeks ago when we first got him and before I lost my hair. He’s really a sweetie and very well trained already. We are confident he will be a super assistance animal for me. He already knows to stay off the stairs when I’m going up or down; I don’t even have to tell him to stay or wait any longer. He just waits till I tell him to come. When Marvin comes home, Buster knows he’s in the hallway before he even puts the key in the door. His ears perk up, and he goes crazy as soon as he sees him. It seems he knows he has to be gentler with me than with Marvin, so it’s fun watching his different behaviors.

Saturday we had a great time at the annual art walk in Culver City. We were out quite a long time, and I was able to eat a meal at La Dijonaise. I had a crepe with cooked spinach and cheese, and Marvin had sausage. We shared tiramisu and espresso. Perfect. Buster just sat by the table enjoying the constant stream of attention and petting. Even though he’s big, people stop to pet him all the time and tell him how beautiful, well, handsome, he is. He never seems to tire of it and is always ready for a pet or a scratch. I do believe he smiles.

2 responses to “digestive rumbles and nosebleeds

  1. Hello Donna!
    Marion kindly passed along your blog… I was going to say I didn’t know you had a dog! But he is your new baby! What a handsome guy! I’m so delighted you’ve got a companion to spend your days at home with! You are such a trooper… getting thru the sexual harassment module! Ha! That’s a true measure of determination!So good of you to role-model such good behaviour for us!!
    Take care, and hugs!

    • Hi Sue,

      I’ve been out of sync a bit here because of a rough few weeks, but I’m hoping to catch up. Thanks so much for taking time to share positive thoughts and for reading my blog. I really appreciate your encouraging words; it helps more than you can know :). Buster is a welcome addition to our life; he is very entertaining, social and cuddly. He is so cool, and I am learning a lot about being a new doggie mom.


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