back surgery three-month follow-up

I met with my surgeon Thursday for my three-month follow-up visit. All is looking good, so I’m excited to say I can dance at a reasonable level. No leaping, high kicks or stretches on the high ballet barre, but I can do small jumps, or lifts like in cramp rolls and other movements that were off limits before.

He said the kiss of death for me is slouching forward at all or bending forward. Any movement involving my chin closing in on my chest is a no-no. Another no-no: lifting anything heavier than a piece of paper. Dancing all of these years, I don’t usually slouch; that should not be a problem. I have to find shoes that I can slip on easily as I cannot bend forward to tie any laces. Marvin usually takes care of that as needed, but otherwise I need not be tempted when he’s unavailable. No problem for my tap shoes as I rarely tie them. Neither does Savion Glover, and he does just fine LOL.

I’m going to contact the folks who made my brace to see if I can get another that will be my exercise, dance and beach brace. Maybe they have one with less material and more of the bare plastic or whatever that is that provides the bracing. I’m so excited.

I can even play tennis. Obviously, I won’t be jumping up at the net to smash back a weak shot (grrrr, I can feel the adrenaline already). Maybe I’ll suggest a rehab class for others like me with the gentle needs of a challenged body and the spirit of a competitive mind. Hmmm, maybe the local rec department or Billie Jean King’s tennis camp here in Long Beach. She’s my idol, anyway. I have loved her since way back when she was the only woman who played with such ferocity and changed the way women faced the game. What an inspiration. I used to read everything by her and about her. What an incredible woman. Maybe some day I’ll be lucky enough to see her.

Anyway, I am jazzed that I can resume activities. I have already been tap dancing, of course. Maybe I can get one of those funky three-wheeler bikes (can’t risk falling over). I can go to West Coast Choppers and see if they can help change the look from dork to bad ass.

look out, nasty beast
this body will get stronger
a force to behold

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