2.2.3 still postponed

It’s been a rough week. Last weekend I developed a cold which spawned a fever that kept spiking. Tuesday evening I spent in the emergency room at UCI where they checked my blood counts to ensure I didn’t have an infection. All day my temperature went back and forth between 100.something to 101.7; at 101.5 I’m supposed to report to the ER just in case the fever is being caused by something other than the obvious cold. Wednesday I was too sick to work at all and spent the day sleeping, coughing, sleeping, wheezing . . . The anemia is also making me so weak it’s hard to walk without getting out of breath. And, let me say I feel like I’m in the deep freeze. I’m usually the one in the heat wave, but this anemia has chilled me to the bone. At the office today, it felt like I was back home in the middle of a Midwest subzero winter storm. I could not stop shivering no matter how many sweaters and shawls I put on.

My hemonc says I need to have a transfusion tomorrow. It looks like I will again miss my 2.2.3 chemo. I don’t know whether I will catch up or not. Tomorrow would have been my day of chemo reprieve. I am so weak, though, I guess I won’t fret about missing the chemo. My hemonc said that my radiation also damaged some bone marrow, which will also make me anemic. Between that and the chemo–forgot which of the two drugs–causing anemia, she said they will be monitoring my hemoglobin and RBC count.

I need to take a break; I’m worn out completely.

5 6 7 8
dream dance tonight, leap and turn
no limits in sleep

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