my first blood transfusion

transfusion2Yesterday I got a transfusion instead of chemo. I guess it takes a few days to take effect, so I’m still out of breath and cold. Even though I didn’t have chemo, Marvin still got me a scarf and, this time, also a cool crystal pin–a giant panda, my absolute favorite. You should check out the panda cams at San Diego Zoo, National Zoo and the Wolong Preserve in China. Fabulously entertaining.

The transfusion is really an infusion, so the process is just like any other infusion. I got one pint, which the nurses said is conservative for my RBC (red blood cell) count. My hemonc nurse said they will give me more if my RBC level fails to respond as expected. It took a couple of hours just for the infusion and three hours overall. They used my PowerPort for the transfusion.  When they start the infusion, the nurse keeps checking to make sure it’s not causing any adverse reactions; I had no complications and no allergic or other reactions.

My head cold is still raging, so I’m off the computer to watch cartoons and drink some delicious ginger tea from one of my peds residents (thank you, JL).

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