4th of July fun

Yesterday was grand. We visited with friends for the afternoon, talking about everything and enjoying the fabulous barbeque they made. The guys had Belgian beer, and the ladies had some sparkling apple cranberry juice. We had halibut and shrimp on skewers along with roasted redskin potatoes and a lovely Asian salad with butter lettuce and a rice vinegar dressing. How nice that my white blood cell counts were good; I could eat the salad for a change (can’t eat raw veggies normally). In fact, I outdid myself, doubling up on everything.

Today the tummy was yakking a little, again, but otherwise was pretty calm. Marvin did chores, and I made a late breakfast after we watched Wimbledon‘s men’s final. Awesome. Federer beat Roddick who fiercely pushed the limits of the game to make Federer earn every ounce of the win. It was a game that commanded your attention every moment. Yesterday, we watched the women’s final with the Williams’ sisters; Serena beat Venus, who has been the queen of Wimbledon for several years. It was hard to watch the defeat, but Serena was totally on top of her game. I love watching tennis and hope I can some day swing a racquet on a court. In the meantime, watching the champions is always uplifting.

Living vicariously is something that is useful and helpful when you’re dealing with the fatigue of chemo and radiation. You may not have the energy to do the activities  you love, but you can still richly enjoy them by learning the art of vicarious participation. I never tire of watching great performances as they always inspire me, and that’s what is most important. Inspiration. We always need inspiration.

Tonight, we relaxed and enjoyed home-made chocolate sauce with coffee ice cream. Yum. Home-made chocolate sauce is inspiring :).

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