Yesterday I started itching. Itching everywhere. No rash or other symptoms except uncomfortable itching all over–my scalp, my back, my arms, legs, hands, feet. I thought it had gone away today as I spent most of the day without the severe itching. This evening, though, since I left the office, I am again fiercely itching. What the heck. I took a Benadryl® to see if that will help whatever it is. Is this just a side effect of chemo?

When I looked this up online, I saw it could be associated with a number of cancers and also liver metastases. I won’t think too much about it. At least, tomorrow I’m going to chemo and will be able to ask my chemo team about it.

Maybe it will just go away. Like the dizziness and the nosebleeds :). I hope so.

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