chemo 2.3.3 and silly morning

sillyGrrrldon’t you wonder what
he’s thinking when you crank up
your sillier grrrl

Marvin is a professional photographer. I am not. I am trying, however, most of the time to improve my skills as a devout amateur. I love it. I also love shooting spontaneously with my iPhone usually poor photos, though, in my opinion, fun photos.

Here we are on our way to my chemo morning. It was the glorious start of a glorious day: blue skies early with no hint of that often lurking marine layer. We left early because I needed to have blood tests today (every other week) to qualify me for the event. Sometimes I believe I am so clever and cute and entertaining LOL, but you can see the look on Marvin’s face, hehe: why me. Some days I can’t help myself and feel like laughing at most anything. Marvin makes me laugh a lot with his natural wry wit; oh, but he can be silly, too, and I love that every time. Me, I’m just goofy and proud of any moment that proves me funny and clever. If I ever get to those purported pearly gates, and Peter says to me, Tell me a funny joke and you can come join the others, I will be doomed. I can spoil the best joke as I have absolutely no such skill. I usually warn anyone when I try to retell a funny joke I’ve heard :). So sad.

As far as my chemo, I made the qualifying round and continued to the finals. Because of my recent itching episodes the last three days, I was taking Benadryl®, It did help the itching, by the way. Anyway, my blood pressure was really elevated on first take: 173/100 WHOA. Never had that before. They think it was from the Benadryl which I’d taken before leaving for chemo. It did calm back down, so all went fine after that.

Marvin brought me a gorgeous challis fringed scarf today with a floral motif of flowers and leaves in yellows, greens and deep reds. Beautiful. He also brought me a breakfast veggie burrito from the new UCI hospital cafeteria. It was huge and took me three hours to eat. We think the palate needs a bit lighter fare now that summer has arrived.

Anyway, the itching seems to have eased. My chemo team thinks it is some kind of reaction to something, though we couldn’t figure out what. They did not think it was a sign of anything serious, like liver metastasis, which has other obvious signs. I have Benadryl handy in case I need it, but so far since chemo, I have not had to take any.

We spent the day doing a few easy errands and visiting a farmer’s market in downtown Long Beach. We got new hats 🙂 and sat in the shade watching the people show. Tonight, I’m researching and blogging and watching the beautiful sunset end a glorious day in SoCal.

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