do what you love to fight cancer

green leaves fluttering
against cloudless azure sky
welcome Terpsichore

Thinking past the immediacy of this disease is sometimes a challenge. It can dominate every aspect of your life. I fight it. I want other parts of my life that have always been important to me to remain important. Some days, especially when you feel bad, it can be a stretch to balance taking care of yourself–a required and important first priority–and doing what you love. Maybe your level of energy sags through the day, making you feel you cannot muster the energy to do anything but sleep. At other times you feel bad but notice that doing even ten minutes of something you love really lifts your spirit.

Choose something you love and recognize that your reduced energy will allow you less time or vigor in performing. Then, just allow yourself to experience the richness of the moment. Write. Dance. Sing. Walk. Draw. Paint. Photograph. Knit. Crochet. Recite a poem. Read a funny passage out loud. Cuddle. Hold hands. Daydream. Imagine outrageous ideas. Break some rules. The list is as long as we all are diverse.

One day when I thought I could barely move, I got up to dance and felt like the muse of dance was holding my hand. I did not leap. I did not jump. I did not twirl. I did not roll to the floor. I did dance to express how I felt at the moment, and it was as exhilarating as some of the most memorable moments of performing.

Cancer can easily control every part of our life; it’s the nature of this disease. Listen to your muse and fight back. You’ll feel better even if it’s just knowing that you denied cancer from having those five minutes of you.

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2 responses to “do what you love to fight cancer

  1. I wish I had been there to see you dance. I’ll bet it was beautiful!!

    Your writing is lovely. Keep it up! I enjoy reading.

    Take good care. And remember to call if you need company while at the medical center.

    • Thank you. I appreciate your stopping by to read my blog. We will need to have lunch again soon and talk dance.

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