cancer sucks

rampaging life so
precious, this hateful disease
curses our blossoms

I read a lot about breast cancer. Other blogs. Stats. Information about coping Information on available protocols. Inevitably, I come across material I simply don’t like to read. I don’t like the words, incurable or, worse, palliative, or distant metastasis or survival rates. You cannot read about what’s going on in your body and be completely objective. You try. You act like you’re quite objective, indeed. Ultimately, that’s a lot of crap.

Last night and this evening I was browsing blogs, and out of about seven sites, four of the bloggers had died from their breast cancer. I did not know any of those women, but I cried–no, I sobbed for them, for their husbands, for their children, for their friends and for their parents who expected to die before their daughters. So many in the prime of their lives lose their lives to this freakin’ disease. Cancer sucks.

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