traveling the dirt road

your smile, your gesture
enriches and humbles me
my spirit thanks you
♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

I am happily exhausted after a day in the office. It’s wonderful to be part of the work world that I love so much. I am also grateful for the kindnesses from colleagues. People in my work life are wonderful. They open doors for me, help me get lunch, pick up things that I unfailingly drop and offer to get lunch for me. One colleague makes me laugh by flicking on my office light that turns off when I sit still too long. It’s remarkable and touching that people extend such kindness in the midst of their own stressful and hectic day.

It is a blessing to have supportive relationships that can survive a diagnosis of cancer. Honestly, some friends will fade into your past. Many people may not be able to deal with a friend’s diagnosis; they will find ways to distance themselves. They may even find ways to criticize the relationship to objectify their inability to cope. Of course, life bestows no vow that friends will ride by your side when you hit the dirt road. Some will get out before you can close the window at the first cloud of dust. Others will bounce around a while, but you’ll recognize their lack of enthusiasm. They will get out as soon as the opportunity allows them to exit without getting dirty.

We cannot predict who will flick on the light to brighten our space. We cannot predict who will bounce along the dirt road and laugh with us about our bruises. I only know that when others bless me with their personal generosity, my spirit soars.

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2 responses to “traveling the dirt road

  1. What an uplifting post … thank you.

    I especially enjoy the line … We cannot predict who will flick on the light to brighten our space.

    • Thanks, Daria. I have joined your blog so I can follow your journey. I hope we will share some good stories along the way. I believe we gain strength from each other, and the beauty of the Internet is being able to share with people we’d never otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Hugs to you, Donna

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