cancer fatigue, chemo fatigue: wipe out

Today was a good example to me of yesterday’s topic: cancer fatigue. After a good day at the office, I feel as though I can barely stay awake to write this. For most of the day I felt strong and was pleased with my concentration levels. At the end of the work day, though, I felt like I could just drop. I even nodded off in the car–thankfully, as a passenger and not the driver :)–and had to drag myself inside and up the stairs to my computer. Tonight I will take my own advice and have a short nap and then go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Tomorrow is chemo. With last week’s break it seems like it’s been a long time since I was at the infusion center. This will be the fifth cycle of this session. I can hardly believe I’ve been on chemo since the end of April, nearly four months. I’m finding that though I get one week free of chemo, the side effects linger longer now. At first, I would feel that the week following the free week, I’d have very few tummy woes, for instance. Now, I don’t have the usual nausea, but my tummy still yaks a lot :). Sometimes I’m afraid that everyone will hear it when I’m in or waiting for the elevator.

Hah, my short nap lasted over an hour . . . guess I’m even more tired than I suspected . Good night.

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