post chemo reaction crash

After yesterday’s chemo reaction, I woke up feeling wasted even though I slept well through the whole night. I have spent the day doing mostly nothing physical. I worked a bit (computer work) this morning and then spent a few hours researching topics and looking up information on clinical trials for triple negative breast cancer. I’m gathering information to take to my hemonc for our next visit. After dealing with the onslaught of information after learning that the back pain I’d had last year was not just osteoporosis but the breast cancer metastasis, I had not been able to digest much more than the overall course of treatment. Now, I think I’m recovering from the initial fear and wanting to know more, so I’ve been sending my doctor questions. I want to learn more about the PARP inhibitor studies and whether I might be a candidate for such a study. More reading. More questions.

After trying to absorb so much new information, I took a break. Marvin ordered pizza and brought me some ginger ale. Then, we watched classic movies on TMC. I recovered a little energy but still feel worn out. I suppose some of this has to do with the anemia, which will improve by Monday, if the schedule runs like it did the last time I had a transfusion. It took three days, and suddenly I felt a a return of energy.

And, now, after kickin;’ back for the day, it’s nearly time for bed. Tomorrow we’ll get out at least a little bit. No tours jetés today.

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