relaxing at the marina

P1070414My husband is working around the loft, cleaning everything, while I am just as listless as I could possibly be. He says I can go a day without working.

So while Marvin worked, I took his advice and went out for a while. Buster and I went to the marina. I walked the bike path but mostly relaxed on the benches, watching the boats drift in and out of the harbor and people jogging and walking the bike path. Buster scouted for cats who roam around the rocky shore scouting for birds and fish.

It was just what I needed. Being near the water is always calming for me. Now I’m relaxed and ready to sleep, hoping to wake up tomorrow with the resurgence of energy from my transfusion and totally recovered from my chemo day.

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2 responses to “relaxing at the marina

  1. Lovely photos – its lovely to be out with your dog x

    • Never having had a dog before, this has been such a great experience. Buster is such a sweet dog, it’s hard to believe that in such a short time I have become so attached to him. What a delight. I’ll be visiting your blog to check on you and your family :). Cheers, Donna

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