girls can talk nonstop

Today was my first day of vacation time. I woke up early as usual: it’s hard for me to sleep in when waking up early on vacation allows me to enjoy the morning doing what I want instead of working.

After writing and handling some online business, I picked up Angie and Doug for breakfast. That’s when we started talking and never stopped until I dropped them off this evening. We didn’t do anything touristy; we just drove around a bit and then headed for Second Street so Doug could walk while we talked and caught up on all the news. We got some Jamba Juice to refresh and then stayed until it was time to head over to get a bite to eat. We decided the Belmont Brewery was a good choice. I had a creamy tomato basil soup with a pastry crust, and they both had salads. Doug tried one of their hoppy beers and Angie and I shared a spectacular mango piña colada. It was all fun conversation and good laughs.

How nice to be tired out from fun. No work and no cancer treatment. Just a little walking, long conversations and hearty laughs. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Have you ever noticed that girls can talk nonstop.

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