revisiting central coast, California

Today was a lovely day, and I wanted to get out. But, I felt so exhausted that I could not gather enough energy to do anything past working. For some reason the Taxol® is really messing with me through the following day. Tonight I fell asleep, and it took everything in me to wake up. I hate staying in all day on a weekend. Well, at least, I got some computer work done. Useful though not terribly exciting.

So, I figured the next best thing to being there is to look through some of my photos of beautiful places, and share them with you.

Last year in August I took a trip up the coast to Central California, and tonight I thought I’d revisit and share some of it with you. Here are just a few photos from some of the stops I made along the way to the charming little arts enclave, Cambria, California, where I stayed a couple of days and visited the Hearst Castle and the beautiful local Paso Robles wine country.

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Mission San Miguel, San Miguel, CA

Mission San Miguel, San Miguel, CA




One response to “revisiting central coast, California

  1. Wow great pics. It looks like it was a lovely trip. I always look at pictures with an artists eye, and try to imagine how I would paint them. Take care

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