sleep and insomnia

Tonight, again, I can barely stay awake. I worked today but had to concentrate hard to stay with it. I think I’m going to sleep tomorrow; maybe that’s what I need, and, of course, something I hate doing. I have always fought sleeping despite learning in the past year how important sleep is for our bodies to regenerate and, also, to allow cognitive functioning.

Diet and exercise always got my attention, but sleep was something I thought I could avoid in order to lengthen my day and do more. Then, I learned that is not such a good idea. In fact, at a recent meeting for work we had a presentation on the importance of sleep; I learned a lot. I learned, too, that, even though I have thought I had enough sleep with three or four hours, I was often sleep deprived. You know those moments when you’re driving and suddenly you arrive at your destination, much to your surprise?  Those episodes are called micro sleep, and they are not something you want happening when you’re driving or doing anything that demands  your full attention.

1552-0906-2123-5827sweet dreamsOf course, most of us going through chemo have an intimate relationship with sleep, typically, sleeping a lot, but, then, again, often having interrupted sleep or bouts of insomnia. Here are a couple of short articles and some references to help you update your awareness on the importance of sleep. Sweet dreams to you.

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Harvard Health Publications: Importance of Sleep: Six reasons not to scrimp on sleep

NIH National Cancer Institute: Sleep disturbance in cancer patients

American Academy of Sleep Medicine

American Insomnia Association

NIH National Center for Sleep Disorders Research

National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Research Society

2 responses to “sleep and insomnia

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  2. Yes, even though you will lengthen your day, how valuable is it if you are less productive and alert because of the lack of sleep. 4 productive hours when you are fully functional are better than 12 when you are half in and out of it.

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