H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines: my plan

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H1N1 vaccine: update for cancer patients

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Ironically, when I met with my oncologist, we talked about so much else that we forgot to discuss the plan for my flu shots. Toni called me late yesterday, however, to let me know what we’re going to do.

My next chemo break will be for two weeks instead of one. The second Monday of that break I’ll go for both of the flu shots: the seasonal flu vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine.

Here’s a handy link to the CDC’s ongoing updates on the H1N1 vaccine.

With this updated schedule it looks like my current regimen of Taxol® and Avastin® will end 12/18/09. I’ll then start the hormonal therapy and continue that for however long. If it keeps the cancer from progressing, we’ll keep going that route. We’re hoping that I’ll be a candidate for a clinical trial with PARP inhibitors, one of the current areas of study for advanced or aggressive breast cancer.

Hmmm, I should have hair for my birthday in April :).

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