impaired immunity and catching a bug

breastcancerawarenessMelanieI cannot get used to the fact that I can pick up a cold by the merest contact. One of my coworkers was sick when I was in the office on Thursday. Though I kept cleaning my hands to avoid contact with germs, I got sick last night and have been running a fever much of today.

We had planned to visit an art museum today during the annual free museum weekend here in the Los Angeles area. Many museums waive general admission, usually $10 to $15, and we like to take advantage of it to visit one of our favorites. Darn, we missed today since I had to stay home and nurse this cold. I have slept much of the day.

Marvin has been serving me soup and yogurt while I chug water and take ibuprofen to control the fever. Fevers are not fun when you’re on chemo. If your fever exceeds 102 degrees, you’re required to go to the emergency room to rule out the possibility of a serious cause for the fever that could be dangerous to someone with impaired immunity. I am, therefore, taking my temperature frequently and drinking lots of fluids to ensure I keep the fever in the safety zone. So far, so good.

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