neutropenia: avoiding high risk foods

ribt6My cold is still hanging, but I’m coping. Weakness is keeping me home and making me sleep as soon as I sit down to relax. As soon as I’m done working for the day, I lie down and nap for an hour. Sleep is my friend.

Catching this virus makes me keenly aware of how vulnerable we become with  neutropenia. Chemo neutropenia occurs when treatment results in a reduced number of white blood cells. Because of this vulnerability, cancer patients taking treatment that results in neutropenia need to be vigilant about contact with potential pathogens.

While we know that it’s wise to avoid crowds or people who might expose us to colds or the flu, we sometimes forget that food can also be a potential pathogen. The Food and Drug Administration recently revised the list of high risk foods. These are foods that have a high risk of being contaminated and making you sick. If you are neutropenic from cancer or cancer treatment, it’s a good idea to be aware of foods that have the potential to make you sick.

Here is the latest list of high risk foods and a recent article.

leafy greens
ice cream

News article: FoxNews, Matthew Keys 10/6/09

5 6 7 8








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