Taxol with no Avastin chaser: chemo 3.2.2

breastcancerawarenessMelanieToday’s chemo went well except that when Jessica took my blood pressure, it was was really high, 185/90. Gabby came by later to take another reading, and it had come down to 165/85 (still way higher than usual).  I would not have qualifed for Avastin®, but today was my day off for Avastin. I’ll be monitoring it at home to see what’s going on. Avastin, apparently, can cause increases in blood pressure, so they are wondering if that’s what’s going on. I’ll also contact my PCP.

chemo3.2.2.jpgMy regular chemo nurse Claudia was out today again (I really miss her), and so Jennifer has been taking care of me. Jennifer is wonderful as well. I had the usual preps of saline, Decadron® via my PowerPort®, Zofran® and Benadryl®. After the Decadron drip was done, Jennifer verified my Taxol 126 with Sherry and then started that infusion. Jennifer also ran through a series of questions about how I’m doing, which we routinely do once every cycle of chemo. Nothing new for me to report except that all the side effects are in full effect and no evidence of the recent urinary tract infection.

Marvin brought me two new scarves today during 3.2.2In the meantime, Marvin had made a trip to the cafeteria and gift shop. We opted out of the usual burrito since we we’d go to eat after chemo. He brought us a little sweet treat, though, which I’d been craving: parfait pudding. He said he couldn’t choose scarves today, so he brought me two of them, which I can actually wear together. Plus, he brought me a second gift bag–a pink cap and pink earrings 🙂 (photo coming).

Marvin kicking back during 3.2.2.We both chilled while the Taxol infused and attacked the bad cancer cells. We left early afternoon after confirming with Toni my upcoming break for the flu vaccines.

It was cooler today, with the previous heat wave having waned this week.  We did a few errands, while I tried to sober up. Walking sometimes helps, but it always takes a few hours for the effects of the drugs to wane. Benadryl, especially, knocks me for a loop. After grabbing a bite to eat, we headed home and I found I could no longer stay awake.

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