H1N1 vaccine: got mine

I woke up today with a rude good morning from my tummy. It’s funny how the side effects can seem like they’re fading one day only to come bashing down the door the next. It lasted a few hours and then calmed down. Good thing, too, because I needed to get my H1N1 flu shot today.

A couple of days ago Marvin and I had looked up the availability of H1N1 vaccines online and found that WalMart was going to be sponsoring Mollen Immunization Clinics today. We headed over there and were amazed at the lack of crowds.We found the table and completed the paperwork. As I sat there, I overheard the nurse telling someone that this was the seasonal flu shot, not the H1N1 shot. What the heck. Marvin got the seasonal flu shot, though, so it was not a complete waste of time.

While he was getting his shot, a few women in line gave me some information that led me to search online for another H1N1 distribution. I found that El Camino College in Compton was giving the H1N1 vaccine today. So, we headed out the door for Compton. After hearing about the fiasco in Redondo Beach, we weren’t sure what to expect. When we arrived, we saw a huge line that disappeared behind one of the campus buildings. We thought it would be hours to get through the line; feeling still a bit weak from the rough morning, I wasn’t sure I would be able to tolerate it. Heading one way, Marvin sought out help from the volunteers while  I headed the opposite way toward the back of the line. Marvin came after me to tell me not to go to the back of the line but to the front, where they handed us forms to complete. From there it was a breeze right into the large room filled with tables and nursing students who were administering the vaccines. In one small, well-defined area they offered the nasal spray vaccine; the rest of the room was designated for the shot. With swift processing we both were inoculated and headed out the door. With my being immune suppressed and in active treatment, Marvin qualified as my caregiver and was able to get the vaccine as well.

Kudos to El Camino College, Compton, for a streamlined process. The line moved quickly, and the volunteers were readily available to answer questions. I am now ready for any kind of flu, though I hope not to encounter any of it.

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