H1N1 vaccine side effects: none

So, after having the H1N1 vaccine this past Wednesday, Marvin and I are fine. We both had sore spots at the injection site but no other side effects. Marvin felt a little tired, as did I, though I can never know what really causes my own feelings of being pooped. (click here for H1N1 vaccine: udpate . . . with links)

dndAnother lovely day in SoCal brought another day to think about everything else but you know what. We went for breakfast at Claire’s at the Long Beach Museum of Art where we met a couple who asked us about Buster, who was with us. The woman rescues cats, so we exchanged information and had a great conversation. After that we went to see Michael Jackson’s This is It, which we completely enjoyed and look forward to seeing again. After the movie we made time for the book store amid a few errands. When we got home, I collapsed, as usual, ready to doze off.

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