giant pandas: San Diego Zoo’s pandacam

One of my favorite Internet pastimes is watching the San Diego Zoo’s pandacam. I’m good at resisting watching the pandacam when I’m working as I know I will be unable to tear myself away. During the evening hours, though, it’s great to watch as Bai Yun, the cub’s mommy, with her latest little cub, grooming and feeding him. This is her fifth baby, and she has learned to be a very good panda mom.

Zhen Zhen, whose name means precious, was the last baby girl, and Su Lin was the previous baby, a girl whose name means a little bit of something very cute (sheesh, I love that name :)). I started watching the pandacam when Su Lin was born and have been fan ever since. Sometimes at night when I have a hard time sleeping, I watch the pandacam on my iPhone; it’s cheerfully relaxing and is completely counter to the creepy thoughts that sometimes plague the night.

Currently, according to Chinese tradition, the new baby cub will receive his name on the 100th-day anniversary of his birth. As is now the other tradition at the San Diego Zoo, they are collecting votes at their Web site for the five finalist names out of over 6,000 :). I am happy to say I have just added my vote and can’t wait to learn what we will soon be calling the new little cub.

If you haven’t seen the pandas, you are missing out on a special treat. Sometimes you’ll see only the cub sleeping, sometimes you’ll see Bai Yun (her name means white cloud), and sometimes you might catch one of those special moments–like the cub nursing or cuddled against mommy. Because of the new baby, most of the pandacam views are of the den with Bai Yun and the cub. You will, also, typically, see the other San Diego pandas ( including Gao Gao, daddy to the new cub and four other babies; his name means big big). The Web page with the pandacam shows a list of the various cameras along with which panda you’ll see in those views.

I highly recommend the pandacam :). Did I mention you can freeze a moment into a postcard to send to your friends or to drive your partner crazy with multiple postcards of so many special baby panda moments. And don’t miss the panda cub’s weekly exams, all part of the blog at the site.

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  1. I love this blog…so uplifting:)

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