whack a cancer

One day while waiting in Karen’s room to submit my donations, I met someone who works here at UCI and even in the same department, though we’d never met nor known each other before that day. We seemed to have our infusions at the same time on Friday, so our nurses would send our messages to one another on those mornings. Her great sense of humor was evident in our messenger-delivered conversations. Yesterday, my chemo nurse Jennifer says to me, I have something for you and gives me this box with a game called, Whack a Cancer (of course, Cancer replaced another word on the box). Thank you, dear friend.

I love it. I played with this game until we figured I should calm down for my next blood pressure reading. The joy of the game is in whacking with a mallet the little heads that light up. This is the perfect end of a week for this as I have been in an extreme “I hate cancer” mood all week long. This gave me the right outlet for those feelings. It’s a lot better than scowling or screaming “I hate cancer” at every passerby.

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