from doctors to clergy?

priestYou know that state where you think you’re awake only to notice that the clock suddenly jumped forward one hour? That’s where I was when into my room walked a lone visitor. Having been raised Roman Catholic, the last I recall of the holy sacraments was that, traditionally, the first sacrament you receive is Baptism and the last, Extreme Unction, also known as the Last Rites. Thus, in my hazy state of consciousness, I speculated: Is there a reason that someone switched me from doctors to clergy?

Thankfully, as confirmed by my visitor, the sacrament is no longer called Last Rites but the Anointing of the Sick and is no longer reserved for one’s exit from this life but for anyone needing physical and spiritual healing. Whew. The visit was uplifting as Fr. Nguyen has a charming way and a refreshing sense of humor.

Before my discharge, I got the pneumonia vaccine, which is good for five years. Now I have all three vaccines: seasonal and H1N1 flu and pneumonia.

Despite the caring, attentive staff and physicians at the hospital, it is good to be home. I am sleeping in between taking blood pressure readings. Weirdly, though my systolic readings seem to be diminishing, my diastolic readings are still over 100. Maybe we need a few days of the new prescriptions to take effect. At any rate I’ve got an appointment.

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One response to “from doctors to clergy?

  1. I am behind on keeping up! I’m so sorry you landed in the hospital, but so happy you’re home and doing better!!! Hang in!

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