hospital visit follow-up

Continuing the saga of my elevated blood pressure, again, presumably from the Avastin®, I went for my follow-up visit with my PCP this morning. She has added another two prescriptions to try to get my BP back to a safe zone. I cannot even remember the medications I’m currently taking, so I’ll need to write them all down. My readings today varied, but all are still too high. My PCP noted that my red blood cell count was also low (9.0). I’m guessing we’ll deal with that on Friday during chemo.

Buster went with me and was very good despite all the attention he received from so many strangers. He is steadily improving at focusing even amid many distractions. After we finished at the doctor’s office, we went to the park to get some fresh air. After a walk I sat in the car and rested while Buster stayed outside the car, on leash, and seemed to enjoy watching the seagulls and people. He really does seem to like just watching. Even with the birds: you’d think he’d go running after them, but he’s content to remain laid back and just watch them prance around nearby and flutter over his head.

On the issue of Buster’s barking when my doctor knocked to enter the clinic room, I think we have it worked out for now. We simply left the door open about a foot, and that seemed to do it. He did not bark nor even stand up when my doctor entered the room. I praised him. What’s not clear is whether he didn’t bark because of the open door or his remembering my doctor. Either way, I’ll continue to be alert about being in a closed room with him. Again, more research is in order.

With all of the relaxation and no work, I am again tired tonight. Maybe I need to train harder and longer.

Oh, one more thought: I can not stop thinking about the new guidelines for routine mammograms and wonder about all of my sisters in pink who had no history or significant risk factors and are survivors today only because their doctors found their breast cancer early on a routine mammogram.

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