R and R training continued

With my days off this week I am trying to do what I need to relax, still not a fait accompli but improving. I am purposely avoiding watching too much news or getting too involved in the issues that usually gain my interest. Again, I’m guessing because of my taking so many pills, I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. I took what I expected to be an hour’s nap at most, but I surprised myself when I awoke three hours later.

I guess it wasn’t too bad to stay inside today; after all, in the words of SoCal natives, it was freezing with a high of only 67 degrees. In between sleeping and taking my blood pressure, I meditated, read the New York Times, played some games and listened to lots of music. Here are some of the places I visited.

Thinking about the times I used to go dancing at clubs, I visited YouTube to get my fix for dance music. I ended up watching and listening to compilations posted by GiorgioSST. Click on this link, and it will display the links to the other three compilations set against stunning settings (I haven’t watched all, but this one features the Greek Isles). Set your viewing on full screen and enjoy.

Firefox addons I spent some time updating Firefox, my current favorite browser. I love the addons. Also, I found Firefox personas: basically skins, and couldn’t resist trying on several before choosing one for the day. I’ll probably change tomorrow and the next day.

For combating chemo brain, I played a couple of quick games that I keep easily accessible on my Google page for breast cancer: the Memory Game, Brain Tuner and Sudoku.

ShutEye.com Another good site on sleep. Even though I’m not having trouble sleeping lately, this is a common problem for many of us from time to time.

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One response to “R and R training continued

  1. The dance music is excellent and the pictures are unbelievable … I could sure use a getaway to somewhere like that … Greece would be nice.

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