breast cancer pen pal, anyone?

Recently, I received in the mail a handwritten card from Breast Cancer Angels, to whom I was introduced by Chao’s counseling staff. Besides reaching  out to patients in many ways, one thing they do every month is to send a handwritten card to each of us. Every time I receive their card, it’s an instant poof of joy.

It reminds me how much I enjoy sending and receiving snail mail. No matter how much e-mail I have, it’s still a thrill to receive a card or letter from a friend. In fact, I have never given up writing letters because it’s just something I love to do, something I’ve enjoyed since I was about ten years old and wrote weekly to my pen pals in Japan and Italy.

When I received the last card from Breast Cancer Angels, it reminded me that there may be some people within the breast cancer community who would enjoy being a pen pal or benefit from someone sending them support. Despite my research I don’t see any online services specifically dealing with this and suspect the large organizations are more intent on providing online support groups, which are fantastic in helping us all to connect easily when we need the support.

Still I wonder whether there are members of the breast cancer community who would enjoy or benefit from a pen pal relationship and wonder if there is a way to get those people in touch with each other. Maybe one of us 🙂 could collect the info and then help to connect people who would like to participate. Ideas are welcome 🙂

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8 responses to “breast cancer pen pal, anyone?

  1. I would be interested in it. I lost my mom to Breast Cancer. I think it would give others hope to talk about their different trials & tribulations. I think it something that my mom would have also loved to do. please e-mail me at with the subject of “BC Pan Pals” so I know who it is and won’t delete it. I think that this is an awesome idea. I hope to hear from you!

  2. I think this is a wonderful idea! I am 21 years old and lost my mother to breast cancer almost two years ago! I would love to be able to write to other women!

  3. Hi there am willing to be pals with any one!

  4. i forgot to say im a survivor of b/c am over a year out now

  5. Email me I’m interested in being pen pals with anyone. I recently found out I have a small amount of cancer. It’s being cured but other people with cancer inspire me.

  6. hi wanda iam wanda as well found a lump in my left breast sunday have appointments 1-28-13 and 1-29-13 i cant sleep so worried cancer runs in our family

    • Hi,
      My name is Marcia. I am a breast cancer survivor. I had triple negative aggressive breast cancer, and would love to talk to and encourage anyone who is entering or battling breast cancer. God brought me through it in amazing ways. Cancer runs strong in my family history, but God gave me peace. I am willing to be a pen pall to anyone!

  7. Michelle Harding

    Hi donna I’m Michelle I have stage four breast cancer which I have had for four years I would love to have a pen pal to talk to who understands what im going through

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