gift idea: head covers

While not all chemotherapy causes a loss of hair, most chemo for breast cancer does to a degree. Sometimes all hair falls out–all hair everywhere. Sometimes just some of our hair falls out, leaving a mangy rather than totally bald scalp. Some of us lose our eyelashes and eyebrows.

Thanks to online shopping, many options are available for helping us cover our heads for warmth and for fashion. While many women wear wigs, many of us can’t get used to the feeling of a wig that is itchy, hot and often uncomfortable. Luckily, there are many other options in the form of scarves and other coverings that are easy to wear on a bald head.

Some of these sites include all varieties of head coverings, including the often needed sleep cap for cold climates–it’s amazing how cold a bald head can get when you’re asleep on a chilly night. Also, a few sites also sell eyebrow replacements and stencils along with false eyelashes, something I’m fond of wearing when my eyes are not too teary.

Once again, in the spirit of holiday gift giving this month, here are a few more ideas for anyone whose family member or friend is coping with hair loss.

4women: Beaubeau

American Cancer Society


A Bonita Scarf

Fitting with Dignity

Always Beautiful

Chic Hair Options

Hats, Scarves and More

Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Luscious Lids: UK

Head coverings sewing instructions and links

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