chilly day in SoCal

Today SoCal had a good soak from a rain storm that brought over an inch of rain to many communities and snow to the mountains–the skiers are rejoicing. While our weather is mostly sunny, today was a perfectly dreary rainy day, one much like so many days I’ve experienced living in Cleveland, where I lived for several years before moving to SoCal, and Detroit, where I grew up. I don’t really miss that weather, and today I was bundled up with scarves in an effort to stay warm. I’m not accustomed to feeling cold since I have always been warm since living here in SoCal, but between the anemia and the bald head, I am more often chilled than warm.

For some reason, too, I felt sick all day and struggled to get through the work day. Finally, after dealing with a yucky tummy and a series of nose bleeds, I finished work and lay down for a little rest that–so typical–turned into a two-hour nap. Tonight, I’m just wanting to meditate and get to sleep for the night.

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