metastatic breast cancer: treatment and fantasy

Chemo morning started with blood tests–the full check today, though, of course, I can’t remember it all except CBC with differential and tumor markers. The tumor markers didn’t come back yet; I’ll get those results from my hemonc along with, presumably, the results of the PET scan. I am sticking to my promise not to obsess about results.

Jessica came by to take my vitals, and my blood pressure was right within normal again–that reading was before I even took my meds. I like it. Chantal came in with my prep drugs, Zofran®, Benadryl®, Zantac® and Decadron®. She also gave me extra saline because my creatinine reading was high; they think it might be leftover side effects from the PET scan. Once again, I really need to drink more water. Normally, that’s not a problem for me since I like water a lot. With my taste mechanism being out of kilter, however, water tastes bad to me. Adding a little fruit juice helps. My anemia is not bad, so I did not need any remedies for that. Jennifer and Chantal did the verification for the Taxol® and started that. It all went smoothly, putting me to sleep toward the last hour.

new scarf and beret for my collections

Marvin brought me a black and gold puckered pashmina, so soft and cozy, and one I can double up with others that he got me before. He also got me the coolest black beret with silver grommets. I wore them the rest of the day, except for letting Boz wear it while I as getting chemo. Oh, yeah, we also had our favorite breakfast burritos; my veggie version had lots of cilantro today along with the beans, eggs and a little cheese. Pure yum.

We left with me in my usual groggy state and decided to see a movie. Avatar, in 3D. I loved it, loved the incredible fantasy and imagination of the story, conceived and directed by John Cameron. It was nearly three hours that felt to me like one; I didn’t want it to end. It took me away from MBC and immersed me in a place filled with beauty, strength and faith. It was a perfect place to be. I can’t wait to go back again. Soon. Often.

I am sticking to my promise not to obsess about results.

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