busy day: healing

lights softly floating
third eye fills with powerful
healing images

♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦

Although I really want to be busy, I’m spending my time resting so I can get rid of this virus. I meditated this morning with my singing bowl. I just love having it and learning to use it. Later, I did a lot of journal and other personal writing with a new pen. It’s so cathartic for me. So is working on a couple of  projects: one calligraphy and another project that I’m just learning. I’ll have to post photos of my new pens–fountain pens, of course–and a mechanical pencil, which I use exclusively for project planning. I have stashed it with my other supplies: eraser, compass, paintbrushes, colored pencils and . . .

Did I mention I’m switching from contact lenses to glasses? At my last eye appointment a couple of weeks ago, since I’m having the dry/teary eye issues, we decided to go with glasses this time since wearing contact lenses doesn’t seem to work too well. I just got my new glasses today. Silly, perhaps, but I’m all excited about having glasses. Yep, photos will be coming.

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One response to “busy day: healing

  1. Donna: For info and tips on how to play your Singing Bowl check out t http://www.Bodhisattva.com/playing.htm
    Ommmmmmmmmm . . .

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