this week’s chemo update

Thursday, New Year’s Eve, I started the day with chemo. It was a day that the infusion center was open only for a few patients, some like me who usually come on Friday and had to switch to another day because all offices and most clinics at Chao were closed on the New Year’s Day.

Marvin had to work, so he dropped me off at Chao, which was deserted, except for a few of us going to the infusion center. Michelle, with her sweet, friendly smile, was the only office staff member working. Instead of the usual breakfast that Marvin brings from the cafeteria, the clinic staff brought me milk and graham crackers and juice.

Since I have shingles and am taking aclyclovir, the doctor on call came to see me first thing. The rash blisters need to dry up totally, but they are not yet–they also are still painful and burn at night; Dr. Lily extended my prescription for a few more days. He also checked my creatinine and didn’t like it that the reading was higher (1.9) than last week. Another agenda item for next doctor’s appointment.

Hermanalinda was my nurse, and she brought the prep drugs as soon as the results of my blood tests arrived. Zofran®, Benadryl® by mouth and then Zantac® and Decadron® by infusion started the session. Sometime later the Taxol® arrived, I suppose, because the next thing I knew, my infusion was finished. I’d slept through the entire session. Thankfully, I slept without moving, so I did not roll over on my new eyeglasses. Until the dry eyes/teary eyes diminishes, I will be wearing glasses instead of contact lenses.

Returning from the oasis feels rude. It’s been nice to avoid thinking about you know what and enjoying the fun part of the holidays. I have new fountain pens to use and to photograph and to help me with some special projects. None of it has anything to do with you know what. It’s so nice to avoid thinking of PET scan results, tumor markers, nasty side effects . . . I think through the rest of the weekend I’ll stay at the oasis.

Happy New Year
Ein glückliches neues Jahr
Felice Anno Nuovo

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